The most secure USB drive in the world

The most secure USB drive in the world

Or at least, if not the most secure USB drive, certainly among the first, and sure enough, a nice bit of trouble for any aspiring hacker who should accidentally run into one of them wishing to find out what it contains.

We are talking about the latest release by MXI Security, specializing in security when carrying sensitive data via USB drives. Their Stealth M series, and in particular the Stealth MXP Bio model, has just been released in a new 64 Gb format, which represents a further addition to a line of products starting at 1 Gb.

How these most secure USB drive works?

In particular, these USB drives are designed for being used by government agencies or armed forces, which for obvious reasons make security and protection of their sensitive data an absolute priority. The MXP Bio model, apart from featuring a 256-bit AES encryption, is also equipped with a 3-level authentication process, with a combination of passwords, teamed up with a biometric scanner, as well as support for CAC/PIV cards with PIN code, used by government officials.

The processor inside this drive, which is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, is supplied by Bluefly, the world leader in production of security processors for USB drives, and along with the security features outlined above, MXP Bio is also equipped with a particular version of Windows, called Stealth Zone Embedded Standard Edition, which can boot up Windows directly from the drive, thus preventing the computer on which it is used from having direct access to any data stored on it; basically, the computer is only used to browse contents, and once the USB drive is unplugged, data cannot be retrieved.

In a few words, if your USB drive is one of those 800 thousand which get lost every year worldwide, with a advanced secure USB drive you can sleep tight, your data is safe.

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