Iran has unveiled its first drone

Iran has unveiled its first drone

As foreseen by many observers, not only the armies of Western countries have access to drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), to be used either for reconnaissance purposes and, with the necessary modifications and adaptations, also to release bombs at a maximum distance of approximately 100 kilometers from the launching point. In fact, Iran too, during its Defense Industry Day, has just introduced its UAV, christened Karar.

The Iranian Drone Karar – First of its Kind

The Iran-made Karar, which president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in his usual emphatic tone, has called an “ambassador of death for Iran’s enemies” can be used either as a reconnaissance vehicle thanks to its image recording and transmitting capabilities, or as an attack weapon to carry out bombing missions against ground targets.

The Stealth type cruise missiles mounted on Iranian drone Karar’s wings can be released from different heights, and reach the preset target thanks to their GPS navigation system. On board of this drone it is also possible to load, as well as reconnaissance equipment for non-offensive missions, four missiles of this kind or, alternatively, two 115-kilos bombs and a 230-kilos precision missile.

In the Iranian government’s intentions, Iranian drone Karar should act as a deterrent against any possible enemy attacks, in order to prevent any possible strike against the Islamic Republic’s territory. Therefore, it is easy to see the connection with the nuclear armaments’ development program that Iran is pursuing, secretly or not, since a few years.

Thanks to this unmanned aircraft iranian drone, the ayatollahs’ country is trying to protect itself against any preemptive attack (or, as Ahmadinejad would put it, “Zionist aggressions”) that can sweep that program away. Such attacks are on top of the Israeli and US agenda in case Iran does not respect UN restrictions and should any negotiation come to a halt.

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