A digital video camera as small as a credit card

A digital video camera as small as a credit card

Lately Kodak has been busy launching several new products, and seems to be heading in the direction of developing smaller and thinner cameras, as we can see with Playtouch, a pocket video camera with touch screen, and Easyshare, the thinnest optical zoom camera. Among these products, another very interestingone seems to be their new miniature video camera simply called Kodak Mini.

A Credit Card or a Video Camera?

If under the point of view of technological innovation it does not sport any relevant new feature, the main characteristics are basically two. The first one is that it is a waterproof video camera, which you can take along with you in the swimming pool to quickly and easily shoot underwater videos and pictures.

The second characteristic is in its size. In fact, the new Kodak Mini is just 89 millimeters long, which allows its manufacturers to proudly boast that it is the first retail type video camera as big (or rather, as small) as a common credit card.

Of course, it is thicker when compared to an actual credit card (not that much though, just 13 mm), but quite sure its tiny size makes it an interesting object for leisurely use. Thanks to the pop-out USB plug (as we have seen in the popular Flip series), all you need to do is press a button to connect your Kodak Mini to a computer and quickly download any images or videos.

The only imperfection one can complain about us the very small capacity of its built-in memory (a mere 128 Mb), although it is sold with a Micro SD 2 Gb memory card included in the price. All this with a 640×480 resolution and a reasonable 100-dollar price tag.