Are you carrying sensitive material? Use a secure suitcase

Are you carrying sensitive material? Use a secure suitcase

What are secure suitcases? Those who have been watching old spy movies certainly remember situations in which someone was supposed to carry a suitcase containing secret documents or cash, and was using a pair of handcuffs to tie it to his hands and keep it safe.

Can Secure Suitcases Keep Your Documents Safe?

Fortunately times have changed, and even without taking in consideration the fact that such a protection would immediately generate unwanted attention, it would certainly be inconvenient, and not as safe as one may think. Nowadays, for such transports, it is easier to use a secure suitcases. The way a safety case looks like is no different from any other suitcase used to carry documents or so, but its secret lies not only in the double-coded locks, but most of all in the alarm that protects it.

In fact, should someone take the safety suitcase away, its hidden functions would allow you to easily thwart any attempt; for example, if it reaches a minimum distance from the person to whom it is entrusted, it would give out a loud alarm, which can last up to 48 consecutive hours, making it impossible to hide forever.

With its anti theft function, it is possible to activate the self defense mode even within a 50 meters distance. At this point, it would generate a 30000 Volt electric shockwave on the case body, so that anyone carrying it would be hit by a high voltage wave, and forced to immediately leave it, running away without it and without its contents.

To carry confidential documents of a military, diplomatic or business nature, or to move large amounts of cash, this safety case is certainly an effective and discreet protection. For more information, we recommend that you visit the Endoacustica website.

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