GSM Interceptor, to listen to all cellphones around you

GSM Interceptor, to listen to all cellphones around you

GSM interceptor is important for police and law enforcement forces, the opportunity of intercepting conversations travelling in the air over the cellular network is often vital during an investigation, as it allows them to gather intelligence and evidence that can lead to the capture of dangerous criminals, and most of all, can be used against them before a court of law.

How Does a GSM Interceptor Work?

Of course, the best way to pick up conversations is by being able to identify the suspect’s mobile phone, which is not always possible due to obvious security reasons, as coming out of the darkness and trying to provide our target with a spy mobile phone might be too risky and compromise the entire mission.

In such situations, the best way to move is by trying to identify the area where our target is moving, and start the action by using a passive telephone interception system.
For example, GSM Interceptor is a mobile phone eavesdropping device which can pick up every conversation taking place on a cellphone within 500 meters, and its presence can not be detected in any way by the network operator.

Thanks to it, it will be possible to monitor and store up to 200 different numbers, obtaining a recording of every phone call, as well as all information concerning the counterparty’s phone number, date, time and duration of call.
GSM Interceptor works by automatic scanning of all channels, and once it detects a channel where a conversation is going on, it would automatically start listening, displaying all identification numbers of the engaged handsets.

Those numbers are IMEI, that is, the one that uniquely identifies each and every handset, IMSI, the number assigned to the SIM card mounted inside the same handset, and TMSI, which is a number that is assigned by each single “cell” to a phone when it is within its coverage area. Thanks to the first two numbers, it will then be possible to locate and identify the phone belonging to your target, and at a later stage monitor his calls wherever he is.

The passive monitoring system GSM Interceptor is housed inside a comfortable suitcase, and can be taken along with you anywhere to monitor phone calls in the surrounding area, without looking suspicious; it just needs a 12V power to run, so you can even connect it to the cigarette lighter of your car for outdoor operations. It works with GSM networks, both encrypted and non encrypted, on 900 and 1800 MHz band.

For obvious reasons, due to the sensitive nature of this device, only law enforcement or governmental agencies can purchase and use GSM Interceptor. For more information on how this telephone interception system works, we recommend that you visit the Endoacustica website and contact our experts for detailed answers.