Seeing through the keyhole is easy with a small tube

Seeing through the keyhole is easy with a small tube

Spying through keyhole is a reality. Those among us who have passed the forty year mark may nostalgically remember those times when we could innocently spy from the key hole, to discover new worlds and untold secrets, or even just to take a look at the lady next door while she was in the bathroom!

Can You Do Spying Through Keyhole?

Nowadays, the keys used to lock the doors of our homes and offices have dramatically changes, and therefore it is impossible to put your eyes close to the keyhole to take a look at what’s on the other side… unless you have a advanced fiberscope.

Fiberscopes or borescopes are devices which, thanks to a long and thin tube, allow us to inspect into otherwise closed environments. This tube, with its diameter below 2 millimeters, can be inserted into a pipe to look for any possible leak or imperfection, or in a small hole on a door to spy what happens in the room behind it, and so on and so forth.

Thanks to optical fibers contained inside the keyhole flexible tube, and to the needle-type viewer at the end of it, the fiberscope is capable of picking up images where a normal video or photo camera would not be able to reach. It can also be connected to an external camera or video recorder, to save the images it picks up.

There are several possible applications for keyhole fiberscopes like spying through keyhole, not only to inspect environments normally difficult to reach, for example for a mechanic who could take a look at the conditions of a car’s ducts without having to get dirty, but also for video surveillance, for law enforcement trying to gather evidence against dangerous criminals.

For more details on how fiberscopes are working, we recommend that you visit the Endoacustica website, and ask for advice from our specialists who will certainly recommend the suitable option for your professional or surveillance needs.