A water blade against improvised bombs

A water blade against improvised bombs

A water blade for protection has been invented. For US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, the number one threat is represented by homemade bombs or IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) hidden by the side of the road or under the ground, waiting to exact their toll. To counter this threat, the Sandia research laboratory has developed a new defense system, capable of neutralizing improvised bombs thanks to water.

What is a Water Blade for protection and how does it realy work?

This device can produce some sort of “blade” made of water – a water blade, shot at high speed and precision on the explosive menace, and which can easily penetrate a steel coating and destroy its contents. It is basically a small tank, which along with the water contains an explosive material which can generate a shockwave in the water contained inside the tank.

By using a special kind of explosive, researchers have been able to create a limited explosion, which, instead of spreading in all directions, is targeted towards a specific direction, that is, the tank exit. At this point the water is funneled towards the opening, and it is “shot” at high speed to the outside; when it reaches its target, the water blade would destroy and neutralize it. In the words of one of the researchers, it is like using a knife, but much stronger and much sharper.

This device was designed in cooperation with the Pentagon, which cooperated by sharing experience and tricks from soldiers that have been engaged in neutralizing real homemade bombs. Thanks to their advice and feedback, a satisfying result was achieved.

These neutralizing devices, manufactured by TEAM Technologies in Albuquerque, NM, are ready to be shipped to war zones, and in the future can also be used outside the military, for example in airports, during operations against terrorists, or to force entry into buildings where criminals are hiding, by slamming the doors open.