Unattended luggage? Problem solved!

Unattended luggage? Problem solved!

An unattended luggage tracker can prevent terrorist attacks. Along the years, a long string of terrorist attacks in airports, railway stations or public buildings have been carried out with bombs placed inside an abandoned bag or suitcases, and nowadays, the presence of an unattended piece of luggage immediately puts surveillance personnel on the alert.

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Now, a consortium of organizations from several EU countries is working on a project, called SUBITO (Surveillance of Unattended Baggage and Identification and Tracking of Owner) an unattended luggage tracker, which consists in an array of intelligent surveillance cameras, capable of identifying unattended luggage.

As soon as it locates one, the system would start searching among its footage, until it finds the exact moment when the owner of the unattended luggage has left it behind. At that point, it will search for the image of the owner among those picked up by the various surveillance cams placed in the area, until it can track down his movements, and if the search points to a person leaving the building or premises, the system would immediately alert security personnel to verify the presence of a possible threat.

All this is achieved thanks to a facial recognition software which can determine a person’s identity thanks to only one frame, and to recognize him among a crowd, determining the direction in which he is moving in case it loses contact, in order to regain contact. The software can also recognize features such as the way one walks.

SUBITO will be able to detect a dangerous situation not only by the presence of an unattended backpack, but also by analyzing the presence of other people and objects inside the premises, objects that indicate a possible threat and make it possible to determine that a group of people is carrying out an attack.

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