A waterproof and shockproof tablet PC for military use

A waterproof and shockproof tablet PC for military use

American Industrial Systems (AIS) has just released its latest creation: a tablet PC, similar to an iPad, specifically designed for military applications and not only. In fact, Military Panel PC can be used also in aerospace industry and in transportation, thanks to its features and characteristics of extreme durability.

Waterproof and Shockproof PC

It is a portable Tablet PC, housed into a fully sealed shell, waterproof and resistant to shock, compliant with IP67/NEMA military specifications in terms of resistance to water and dust.

Thanks to its sturdiness it can be used even in the harshest environmental conditions, and can even be immersed in water. To operate in an easy and intuitive way it is equipped, just lke a normal Tablet PC, with a touchscreen to enter commands and select among available options. Furthermore, its touchscreen is equipped with a special protection layer which eliminates the risk of moisture caused by humidity following to a submersion in water or usage in moist environments.

Its display is easily legible even under direct sunlight, and its inner parts are protected by an aluminum shell, while external connectors, exposed to shock, moisture and dust, are of a special type in order to withstand the kind of threats posed by an unfriendly environment. Military Panel shockproof PC can operate at temperatures between -20 and +60 degrees.

With such features, AIS caters mostly to military departments and administrations, which can provide their personnel with a high resistance tool, but it also keeps an eye on transportation companies which might need to keep a constant information flow with trucks and vehicles operating in difficult conditions.

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