Your telephone company is remotely monitoring you

Your telephone company is remotely monitoring you

Telephone Company is monitoring you through a monitoring bracelet ! According to information coming from Japan, NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), that is, the largest telephone and telecommunications company of the Land of the Rising Sun, is at work on an electronic bracelet, similar to those used to keep an eye on detainees released on parole.

The difference lies in the fact that this bracelet, along with detecting its wearer’s geographical location, can also detects their movements thanks to a miniature camera, a microphone and an array of accelerometers which can measure speed and direction of the motions they detect.

How is the telephone company monitoring you through a monitoring bracelet?

Thanks to this technological setup, the monitoring bracelet designed by NTT is able to measure its wearer’s hands’ movements, to view the objects that they pick up or use, and to record sounds from the surrounding area, sending all the gathered data to a remote server which, by matching the information with pre-loaded data, is able to determine the actions and chores carried out during the day, like ironing, cooking, typing and so on.

For example, this kind of bracelet on the waist of elderly people would allow distant family members to keep them under control and make sure that they do not do anything wrong and potentially dangerous. Currently, the bracelet is still in its early development stages, and is only able, right now, to identify approximately fifteen actions.

In its final version, it should be able to recognize hundreds of actions, and should have a smaller size and a wireless connection to transmit the data it gathers. The only doubt that we get is whether it is really developed only for a humane usage such as assisting older people, or there is something else behind it.

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