A spy glasses can record videos

A spy glasses can record videos

Do Spy Glasses can record? As we have seen yesterday, the right kind of glasses can solve several problems, for example by helping visually impaired patients to see better in the dark and lead a better life. Along with helping those with eyesight deficiencies, the right pair of glasses can do much more, for example solving a nasty case of marital infidelity or corporate espionage.

How Spy Glasses help in recording without being noticed?

This is possible if you are using a pair of spy glasses, that is, something that at a first glance may look just like your ordinary pair of glasses, with a thick frame which gives them a certain 60’s feel.
On the contrary, the frame is thick because it is used to conceal on the inside, right between the eyes, the microscopic viewer of an equally small video camera.

This camera, as you can easily guess, can be used to record videos and take stills in an invisible way, while the people around you are unaware that their every move and word is being picked up by your glasses and saved on the small memory card placed on the inside.

Once the recording operation is completed, all you have to do is take the memory card out and place it into a reader, or connect your spy glasses directly to a computer thanks to the built-in USB plug. The camera concealed inside these glasses can shoot videos with a 640×480 resolution, or take pictures with a resolution of 1280×960.

This item is recommended not only for those who want to gather images and intelligence in a discreet way (police forces or private detectives), but also to record a confidential office meeting without having your colleagues notice it, or even to shoot “point of view” videos of a bicycle or motorcycle ride.

For more details on how spy glasses are working, you can visit the Endoacustica website and fill out our information request form.

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