Long distance listening, without being noticed

Long distance listening, without being noticed

Long Distance Listening through long distance microphones? How many times have we seen two people, whether friends or perfect strangers, engaged in a conversation, at a distance from which we could not hear what they were saying, and wanted to be able to hear it without being exposed? Of course, those who have found themselves in these situations, have mostly been left with nothing and could not listen.

But now, thanks to audio technology, long distance listening of conversations of your neighbors, colleagues, or family members, or even collecting evidence of industrial espionage or of a possible marital infidelity, has become much easier, especially if you use a directional microphone or a laser microphone.

How Long Distance Listening done without being noticed through long distance microphones?

Through the use of long distance listening microphones of this kind, with their high sensitivity features and characteristics, it is possible to listen to conversations within a range between about ten meters and more than a mile! By hiding in a car behind a fence, and pointing the microphone in its direction, you can easily listen to what the people behind it are talking about.

Actually, you can even easily hear what goes on behind a closed window, thanks to a directional long distance microphones. In fact, by pointing the invisible laser beam on a window, the beam will read the vibrations on the glass caused by voices inside the room behind the closed window, and transmit them to a decoder located at a safe distance, which reads them, transforming vibrations into human voice.

Be it to listen to your neighbors or to gather evidence against dangerous criminals, from a distance of a few meters up to more than one kilometer, a highly sensitive directional microphone allows you to listen to everything!

To find out in detail how long range microphones are working, and to discover the endless possibilities of application, you can visit the Endoacustica website and contact our experts for personalized advice.

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