Tracking down pets, kids and objects … via radio!

Tracking down pets, kids and objects … via radio!

Tracking Device for children and pets? Anyone who has children or pets, or often both, at home, knows that it is difficult, if not impossible, to curb their curiosity, which pushes them to take a look around, not only in hidden corners of the house, but also outside, looking for something to play with; in such cases, it may be difficult to locate them immediately.

On the other hand, those who work at night and come back home tired, on the next morning may not be able to remember where they parked the car, or maybe they can not find the keys because they left them inside their coat, inside a drawer and so on.

For these two types of requirements a tracking device is perfect, so different but so similar, technology comes to the rescue with a device that allows us to track pets, children, lost items and more.

How Tracking Device of Pets and Children Works?

In fact, thanks to a radio frequency locator, you can track down the location of the object or person you are looking for. The system consists of a small transmitter and a receiver.
The transmitter is mounted on some kind of bracelet, which a child can wear on his wrist, or you can place on a pet’s neck, or leave inside your car; when the main unit starts the search, the bracelet, with its signal, will guide you in the right direction, allowing you to find what you are looking for

The RF tracker, with an operating range of up to 5 km, is a valuable tool for all those situations where you lose sight of someone or something, and it is vital to find it immediately. For more details on the various object tracking down options available on the market, please visit the Endoacustica website.