Military security and sturdiness for USB drives

Military security and sturdiness for USB drives

Military Grade USB is a new thing in the market? One of the latest developments in the field of data security, when files and documents are traveling on a small USB drive, comes from Japan, where Adata has just presented its last product for data storage, which has military-grade specifications in terms of protection and security of the files it stores.

How Is a Military Grade USB the Perfect Solution?

This drive has been dubbed S007, with a nod to dear old James Bond and the gadgets you can see in his movies; just like the super spy in the movies, this secure USB drive is extremely difficult to defeat, at least for any hackers or whoever should find a lost one and wants to take a look into it. It is also shock resistant and waterproof, making it suitable for use in the field and in action, when the situation becomes dangerous, bullets fly and you have to get dirty if you want to complete your mission.

Also, when it comes to items suitable for military security use, one must also take into account not only strength, but also data protection. From this point of view, the S007 drive is compatible with the most advanced military security standards, in terms of encoding used for the encryption.

The data is also transferred quickly through the USB 2.0 protocol, and thanks to its OS To Go feature, you can launch Windows 7 on the computer you connect it to, without installation and without having to use the original DVD.

The cost and date of launch of the S007 have not yet been specified, guess we will just have to wait and, as good secret agents, keep eyes and ears open!