GSM Bug, remote surveillance in 4 cm

GSM Bug, remote surveillance in 4 cm

Remote Surveillance? We heard more than once that “size does not matter”, and this is especially true in audio surveillance technology, in which very often the best results are achieved by using equipment the size of a few millimeters, which despite their tiny size are capable of providing outstanding performance.

For example, this is the case with GSM bugs, which can have a size even smaller than 4 cm, but which, thanks to a sensitive microphone, and most of all to their built-in SIM card, are able not only to listen to conversations that take place within their operating range but above all to transmit their intelligence in real-time to a distant listener, even on the other side of the world!

In fact, thanks to its voice-activated sensor, as soon as the remote surveillance GSM bug detects a sound above 60 decibels around it, the SIM card will automatically initiate a telephone call, to a preset phone number (i.e. your cell phone number, for example), and you can listen live and in absolute secrecy, to the conversations picked up by its microphone.

How does a Remote Surveillance GSM Bug Work?

The Remote Surveillance GSM Bug, thanks to its tiny size, is suitable for being concealed almost anywhere, with its battery which provides enough juice to operate for long periods of time. Concealing it in places such as the inside of a car, you can start listening in, as soon as it is switched on. In addition, the operating parameters of the bug, as well as its sensitivity settings can be changed remotely, by simply sending an SMS to the SIM card.

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