How to find out if my phone is intercepted?

How to find out if my phone is intercepted?

In an era where intercepted communication is mostly happening via phone, wiretapping must also be able to follow the new trends and adopt new technologies. Unlike the eavesdropping of phone calls made on normal land line networks, however, cell phone interception does not require planting bugs on the line cable, or straight into the phone, of the person under surveillance.

In fact, in most cases, interception of mobile phones is carried through a device, as small as a suitcase, which can hack into the mobile network, decoding the encryption code that protects the conversations, and enabling its users (usually police or law enforcement) to listen undisturbed to calls that occur within a few hundred meters.

These devices operate in a completely non-invasive way, and the persons intercepted are generally not able to figure out that they are being listened to. Therefore, all the urban legends on this subject are completely unfounded, like the one that says that by typing in a particular sequence of numbers you can find out if your phone is under control, or that the buzzing sound that you can hear when your phone is close to a radio or TV (which indicates a connection to the nearest cell) is actually and interference caused by an intercepted device.

How to get rid of intercepted phone communication?

To protect our conversations  from this kind of eavesdropping, the best way is to add an extra level of protection to out phone calls, by using an encrypted mobile phone handset. The conversations between two devices of this type, in fact, take place via an encryption key, which is installed directly on the cell and therefore impossible to access from the outside.

Just like an email sent in encrypted format, the caller uses an encryption key to make his call. If the call receiver has a phone which is equipped with the same key, any unauthorized listener can hear nothing but an unintelligible white noise. Therefore, for your secure phone calls, usage of an encrypted phone allows you to stay safe from prying ears.

In any case, if you have doubts or suspicions that your phone can be under control, certainly the best thing to do is to consult an expert. For all your telephone privacy needs, we recommend that you contact Endoacustica, with its several years of experience at your disposal to find the best solution for your case.