Spy on your neighbors, with a pen recorder

Spy on your neighbors, with a pen recorder

Sometimes, for various reasons, you may need to gather information discreetly, making sure that no one around you would be able to notice it.

Certainly, one of the best ways to do this is by recording conversations, but this must be done without drawing unwanted attention. Therefore, it is necessary that the hidden recording is done by using tools and devices that are not easily identifiable as tape recorders, which could alert everyone around you.

To achieve this, audio surveillance technology provides us with different types of pen recorders, so small that they can easily be hidden inside objects we use every day, without losing anything in terms of efficiency, reliability and ease of use.

How one can use pen recorder to spy on Neighbours?

A typical example of this kind is a pen recorder. In many years of spy movies, we have seen how pens can be used to shoot bullets or poison arrows, to launch sleeping gas and so on, and now, thanks to the miniaturization of recording technologies and storage media, a pen can easily contain a miniature-sized digital voice recorder, along with an equally small memory card, which can be used to save long hours of conversation.

In addition, recording can be started easily; in fact, to prevent any suspicion, a spy pen recorder is able to function normally, the only difference being that, by pressing the button at the top, not only it can write but you can also start recording, while everyone else is unaware.
With these features, possible applications are unlimited: confidential office meetings, school and university classes, gathering evidence in cases of industrial espionage, and so on can be done with pen recorder.

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