A bug can hide in the power outlet

A bug can hide in the power outlet

Think you can work with a power outlet bug? When you think you are safe in a protected environment, you let yourself go, and mistakenly believing belief that no one can hear you, you may end up revealing details which, if heard by someone else, may be highly compromising for anyone who has something to hide.

How Does a Power Outlet Bug Work?

Whoever is afraid that their words could be intercepted, for personal or business reasons, should carefully check their environment, to make sure that their workplace or home are not concealing devices that can be used for secret listening by unauthorized parties or, for those who have something to hide, by the police.

Sometimes, though, checking carefully everywhere may not be enough to find bugs, or hidden transmitters, if they are well concealed so as not to generate any kind of suspicion, for example by placing them inside everyday objects, where one would never think that something fishy can hide.

A desktop calculator can hide a secret microphone, a pen may contain a camera, inside a computer mouse there could be a bug and so on, even hiding a GSM bug in a multiple power outlet, just like the ones that everyone has at home to power their computers or TV sets. By concealing a bug, connected to a SIM card, into a power outlet, there are two benefits for the surveillance operation.

First of all, you have the opportunity to hear what happens in the room from any distance, because the transmission of the intelligence intercepted takes place via a phone call, and the bug works just like a regular cell phone that calls you on a preset number, when its automatic activation sensor detects a sound.

The second benefit of the power outlet bug is the unlimited duration of the wiretapping operation, because the bug is powered through the same electrical outlet where it is hidden .

In short, a complete surveillance package, continuously operating and almost impossible to spot! For more information on the GSM bugs you can visit the Endoacustica website.

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