3G/4G spy camera, a big step forward in video surveillance.

3G/4G spy camera, a big step forward in video surveillance.

Until a few years ago, it was pure fiction to think about a spy camera that would provide immediate access to any place across the globe, allowing you to see and listen to what was going on. The technology, however, has now reached levels previously unattainable, enabling a remote real-time control of any place, be it internal or external.

3G spy camera is a little jewel of technology that allows audio and video surveillance directly from your UMTS mobile. It can be installed in different environments and in mobile vehicles as well.

A Spy Camera That Can Spy from Afar

It works in video mode only when there is UMTS network coverage, otherwise it acts like a normal audio bug. If necessary, it also allows to record files on Micro SD memory up to 32 Gb and to send them to an e-mail box.

The 3G spy camera is the ideal tool for those who need to remotely monitor their home or workplace, especially with the increase of burglary in these times of economic crisis.

Its really small size and weight (only 43x40x8 mm per 10 grams) enable you to hide it anywhere, from home appliances and furniture to the interior of a car, without anyone noticing it. With a video resolution of 320×240, the 3G spy camera allows you not only to record video in MP4 format, but also to take pictures at a resolution of 640×480.

Easy to use and configurable via text messages, with a simple video call to the number listed in the bug, from any UMTS phone, you can real-time control at a great distance what is happening in the place under surveillance. For the audio mode, however, in case of lack of UMTS coverage, you just need a simple voice call from any phone.

It features a Voice Activation Sensor (VAS), which turns the device on when it detects a noise that exceeds a certain threshold, and a ultrasensitive microphone that, despite its small size (only 5.6×4.0x2.3 mm), provides excellent sound quality.
Moreover, the 3G spy camera is powered by a 3.7V lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via USB cable or charger, all supplied in the kit.

Ideal for those who need to remotely control places or people, this device represents a major step forward in technology, as well as a valuable aid in the prevention of theft of various kinds. Powerful and easy to use, you do not need to be a leading expert in these technologies to employ it.

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