Burglary and the need for increased police patrols.

Burglary and the need for increased police patrols.

Use of 3G Spy Camera and Police patrols have increased in the past few years. Why? Burglary, shoplifting and other petty crimes against property are increasing. This is what you can easily learn from newspapers, TV and the Internet.

Most thieves are amateurs but in this time of economic crisis it is almost becoming a job, a way to scratch along.

The Main Reasons for 3G Spy Camera Use

In many countries a crime helpline has been founded to help the people to overcome the consequences of having been victims of burglary. And 3G Spy Camera is being used with this

Maeve Ryan, co-ordinator of the Irish National Crime Victims Helpline, said that “The number of people seeking help was up from 783 to 838 for the first three months of the year, with a noticeable increase in calls about theft.”

“This is a crime which can have serious effects on the people affected,” she said. Not only material effects linked to the loss of the things stolen, but also psychological consequences, due to the fear people experience after a break-in, because “once it has happened the fear is that it will happen again”.

And there are also other questions such as repairing damaged doors and windows, difficulties with insurance claims, the need to upgrade security systems, and the worry about the impact of the crime on children.

Not only burglary in houses and shops, but also theft and fraud in businesses are increasing. Valuables, food, money and technological devices are stolen, but also business cars and means of transport.

For this reason business owner are asking for increased police patrols, even though probably the best way to monitor their property would be the installation of state-of-the-guard surveillance systems, out and in warehouses, plants and offices, because you do not have to forget that many times the thief is among the staff.

There is a greater need for collaboration among employees, despite cuts to staff, due to the current economic crisis, and their growing resentment towards the company.

In fact, as it is shown by a research conducted by the American consultant Marquet International Ltd., 2010 has been “the year of internal fraud to business.” According to the report, in 2010 internal fraud has increased by 17% compared to 2009. Issues of misconduct of employees will continue to grow in relation to rates of unemployment, which now amount to 10%.

The risk is greater for small-medium enterprises, which have less resources in terms of personnel and are not able to implement adequate prevention and control measures.

To catch the criminal in the act, they could find very useful video surveillance devices, such as the new 3G spy camera, which can be easily concealed in any place and is hardly detectable.

While GPS locators and 3G Spy Camera can be used to monitor business means of transport, to track all of their movements. In short, a cheap solution for an expensive problem.