Wi-Fi cufflinks for elegant secret agents.

Wi-Fi cufflinks for elegant secret agents.

Wi-Fi cufflinks that can do it all. The 007 of modern times, as well as being brave, cunning, sly, must also be high-tech, if you want to keep up with the times and if you do not want to be confined in a film of the Sixties.

These Wi-Fi Cufflinks That Can Do it All

We have already heard about cufflinks that are actually usb pen drive, but we could never imagine to have these devices in a new version, to share a Wi-Fi network.

If a cufflink, in fact, behaves as a normal pen drive up to 2 GB, allowing to transport safely and in a discreet and confidential way files and documents of various types, the other cufflink is a mini WiFi router, able to turn any computer connected to the Internet in a hotspot for other devices.

Simple and easy to use, just plug it into a USB port of the PC with the connection you want to share, download the necessary program, which you actually could have ready on the other flash-drive cufflink, and wirelessly share the connection with other WiFi devices, whether laptops, smartphones and tablets.

While most places these days seem to have Wi-Fi available, these devices would be the ideal solution for situations where there is only a wired Internet connection and you want to share it with colleagues. Indeed, they allow you to create a fast and easy connection using only your PC and can be disconnected as soon as it is no longer needed.

In short, with USB Oval Polished Cufflinks offered by Brookstone, you can feel like if you were in a spy movie, with the secret papers hidden in one of the cufflinks at the wrist.
If, then, your need is to be able to crack existing Wi-Fi Network, it can be done quickly and securely with a wpa sniffer, a tool able to enter into all the password-protected wireless networks.

Connected to any device, looking like a simple router, it enables to connect to all wireless networks, whether protected by wep or wpa passwords, to surf the web freely without any contract and especially with a high speed connection.

Means that the modern James Bond can not and will not to ignore, if we consider that communication and information, whether public or secret, now pass through the Internet.