Stalker, an iPhone app whose name says it all

Stalker, an iPhone app whose name says it all

Suppose a friend asks you to spy her unfaithful boyfriend. Besides having him shadowed and see with your eyes as a witness, you also need to support your claims with evidence, perhaps taking photos without him noticing. Suppose, also, you only have your iPhone and an iphone app with you. What can you do? Now there’s a new application that lets you take pictures without attracting attention to yourself or to your phone and that allows to quickly disguise the screen as an innocent text message, in case someone decides to watch on your phone.

The iPhone App to Save You

This new application, called “Photo Stalker Secret Spy App”, has a name that speaks volumes and can also take pictures discreetly hiding the flash, or any type of sound, and shooting at preset intervals, from every 1 to 5 seconds .
Installation is very simple and it only takes one touch to activate the application that will allow you also to instantly upload photos to blogs and social networks.

The app designer has already underlined that the application has been created for artistic purposes and amusement, and that under no circumstances it should be used for illegal purposes. But these, of course, are only good intentions. Soon, moreover, also a version for Android will be available.

And in case you do not have either an iPhone or a smartphone, but, however, you need to record what’s going on around you without getting caught? On the market you can find a variety of devices suitable for this purpose, but certainly the most used and most “cool” are the spy glasses, containing a tiny camera and a 4GB memory, so you can record what is ging on not only in dangerous situations, but also in leisure time, be it a bike or a “Candid Camera” addressed to a friend.

Definitely a more dicreet device than the “Stalker app” of iphone app (it looks like an usual pair of glasses), spy glasses are ideal for filming a meeting at work and in all those occasions that require you to have both hands free to do other things.

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