Never lose things again with the geolocation tools

Never lose things again with the geolocation tools

The geolocation is getting closer, at your fingertips. We’re all constantly losing things. Keys, bag, charger and many other tools of daily use are very often forgotten, lost. The hard part is finding them. This discomfort could be deleted with the help of geolocation devices.

In particular, big companies and startups are trying to answer to the distraction effects with products that will come soon on the market. Their secret would be an accessory, a “tag”, that is applied or connect in other ways to objects. These little devices could help to find the items with geolocation through smartphone, tablet or computer. Already three products are ready, two come from start-ups and one from Nokia (exclusive to Lumia phones, upgraded to Bluetooth 4.0.).

The Tracking Tag – Must Have Geolocation Devices

The tag shall be applied to the object you want to monitor, and from that moment, the tag will send location informations constantly. Through an application, it will be possible to identify where are the lost things at any time, with appropriate proximity alerts. Practically, the objects are tracked within fifty metres, and all positions can eventually be shared with other people.

In the professional field, the geolocation tools are already used by several years. Just think of the wide range of locators proposed by Endoacustica Europe. Are devices that fit almost all needs and also acting as anti-theft for the most precious objects (cars, bikes, security luggage …).

They are excellent tools for monitoring children and elderly and preserve them from the dangers. Moreover they cover a very wide field, also thanks to the identification of the location through GSM triangulation provide localization even in the absence of GPS coverage. If the objects are really valuable, better to rely on leader in the field.