Spy listening bug for cars: which device is best to use? 12 advantages listed

Spy listening bug for cars: which device is best to use? 12 advantages listed

Not everyone is able to install a spy listening bug inside a car. The work in question requires special skills that if not well taken into account can undermine your results. Not to mention that there are some smashing bugs which can operate more effectively than others in restricted or enclosed environments.

In any case it is always better to opt for small Advanced GSM bugs working on mobile network. That because you want to make sure to achieve immediate results not caring whether the bug signal is close enough to be detected.

One of the best GSM spy listening bug suited to doing the work is surely the quadband GSM-001 bug. It comes with voice-activated sensor and a special anti sweep system, which uses a SIM card enabling investigators to listen from any distance. Anyway let’s look at benefits provided by this kind of transmitters trying to figure out how they can help you in investigation.


A very small technologically advanced spy listening bug

The GSM-001 bug can be easily concealed inside courtesy lights, dashboards or any other car recesses, easily reachable by 12V power suply, thanks to its small size (39mm in width, 40mm in length and 9mm in height). The spy bug also has a powerful DSP processor, able to filter and reduce those background noises or rustling that may occur on a moving car. The DSP can be indifferently set on different parameters and levels as well.

Maximum audio quality, automatic microphone switch-on and anti-detection security

The investigator can also  use of special functions in order to achieve much greater effectiveness in operations such as: the Dynamic Mic function that can automatically activate the microphone on three programmable audio levels. The MOX function suited for moving vehicle detection.  The very useful anti-sweep system, able to protect the bug against scanner equipment. In this latter case, the GSM mode turns off looking “dead” from the outside for a certain period of time set by the operator. Anyway after that time it turns on automatically.

Further advantages of GSM-001 spy listening bug

The wonders of this amazing spy bug do not end here certainly. Here are some other benefits that can be achieved from the GSM-001 bug use:

  • Remotely programmable via SMS.
  • Virtual lock that reduces accidental or non authorized reprogramming.
  • Single listing functionality that eliminates non authorized user on listing the unit.
  • Motion (start and stop) SMS alarm functionality.
  • Fast reset to factory default settings.
  • Remote stealth functionality that immediately switches off the unit for a specific time.
  • Recall functionality on movement or VOX.
  • “Infinity” function for a continue call listening, also without the presence of events (movement or VOX).
  • Remote diagnostic including unit IMEI, main cells and all other secondary cells with signal straight.
  • DTMF tone emitted in case of SMS reception.
  • “Ring Alarm” function towards base station with voice call and succeeding self-breakdown by module.
  • Diagnostic LED remotely switchable OFF through SMS.