Multi-Catcher: a universal device to allow tapping any cell phone

Multi-Catcher: a universal device to allow tapping any cell phone

Perhaps, among the IMSI catcher equipment available to law enforcement or government agencies for intercept cell phones, Multi-Catcher is the most one appropriate to be used on large scale and dynamic way. In fact, besides being able to track mobile IMSI, IMEI and TMSI identification codes simultaneously, it can force the devices to downgrade their own network connection from 3G/4G to GSM. In this manner the system has the opportunity to make use of interception systems working with man-in-the-middle (MITM) procedures. Another highlighted feature of this amazing system is that it can be used as a jammer to break down mobile signal in sensitive environments such as prisons, courtrooms, embassies, etc., within its range of action.

Intercept Cell Phones Easily and Effectively

This universal multi-frequency catcher is technically composed of a pair of DSP processors, two RF modules operating between 400MHz and 6GHz, one Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module for wireless smartphone management as well as a 72 channels GPS module for tracking itself. All operating parameters such as temperature, power surge prevention or other event controls can be managed directly from the supplied tablet. Finally, it is possible to individually select the GSM, UMTS, CDMA2000 or LTE channels for a targeted checking action.

Just a reminder, here below are the main device applications:

  • Device detection/network recording of IMSI/IMEI/TMSI codes
  • Data analysis and target correlation between specific IMSI and IMEI codes
  • Search of hidden mobile devices
  • Ability to “ping” a targeted phone invisibly, in order to force the transmission of data or information
  • Ability to downgrade from 3G/4G network to GSM for man-in-the-middle (MITM) tapping operations
  • Mobile signal jamming

For further technical details, please go to this page.

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