Bug sweeping systems, to protect yourselves from prying ears

Bug Sweeping Systems? As you may have seen on our pages several times, defense from telephone eavesdropping is one of the vital elements if we want to safeguard the privacy of our conversations, which translates to a better protection of our assets and our loved ones from any outside interference.

If on one hand, to make sure that no one can spy on your mobile phone conversations, we can recommend using an invisible mobile phone, the problem is a bit more complex when it comes to protect face to face conversations.

Unauthorized listeners might be aware of the content of our talks, by planting listening devices inside our office, concealing them in hidden corners, under a sofa pillow or behind a flowerpot.

How bug sweeping systems help?

To make sure that our office and our home are really safe places, it may be worth using a bug sweeping system, which can expose any hidden microphones or transmitters, analyzing the radio frequency spectrum and detecting any source of transmission.

A bug sweeper works either by detecting radio signals, or by filling up the room with non-audible ultrasounds, which “cover” the conversations and make a spy operation useless, as the listener would only hear noise.

Of course, in all this, do not forget to protect your phone lines as well. For your office phone, you can use a scrambler or encrypted phone, which transmits its phone call using a 256-bit encoding key. In short, if you want to keep your conversations secure, thanks to Endoacustica you have several options to protect yourselves from prying ears and unauthorized listeners who may harm your business and your family.