Spoof Card, beware of identity theft on your phone

Spoof Card, beware of identity theft on your phone

Spoof Card? The latest threat against protection from identity theft was born in a relatively innocent way, to play tricks on your friends, but may end up creating a different kind of problems to victims of its use, as well as to its users.

What is Spoof Card and How Does it Work?

We are talking about the Spoof Card, a mobile phone service which allows its users to keep calling from their usual handset, but while displaying another number as Caller ID. Not only, by using the Spoof Card service it is also possible to disguise one’s voice, turning it from male to female, from boy to old man and vice versa.

In its early days it was mostly used to play innocent tricks on friends, like calling on a friend’s number while he was on holiday, displaying his home number and scaring the hell out of him by making him believe that burglars were visiting his house.

Unfortunately though, as its creators should have foreseen, the usage of such a service can closely border with stalking, with annoying ex-boyfriends sneaking into their ex-girlfriends’ private life, or people who call others who really don’t want to talk to them, forcing them to answer by displaying their office number or so.

In short, despite its creators label Spoof Card as perfectly legal, its use may not always be. To be 100% sure that your telephone identity is protected, it is recommended to provide yourself with the right tools, such as an invisible phone, to protect yourselves from unwanted listening attempts.

To find more information on privacy protection and what is spoof card, on how to defend yourselves from identity theft and from intrusions into your personal life, you can visit the Endoacustica website.

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