A GPS Jammer, to be finally free from the satellite!

A GPS Jammer, to be finally free from the satellite!

Newer generation cars are basically all equipped with a GPS navigation system, to the point that you can encounter cases of drivers who, once they get off the car, can not name the street they are on or even the town they are in!

The fact that our cars are GPS-equipped means that we are not the only ones to know at any time where we are and where to go, but also that the satellite system can, at any time, find out our position, and that it can be made public to prying eyes who could use this piece of information against us.

How a GPS jammer useful?

Therefore, it may be useful to make oneself unavailable, for example for those who have some private business of a personal nature (unfaithful husbands, keep your ears open!) or for those who work as multi-contract sales reps and don’t want one of the companies to get to know the whereabouts of the others’ customers, or simply for truck drivers wishing to take a nap after long hours of driving.

For all these reasons, it may be useful to provide yourselves with a GPS jammer, that is, a small device which, after being connected to your car’s cigarette lighter, transmits encoded signals which interfere with the GPS receiver, making it temporarily unable to communicate its position to the satellite.

Those interference waves, apart from being completely harmless for human health, are also not creating any kind of damage to the navigation system, as they only prevent it from talking to the satellite.

Thanks to this system, you will be able to be finally disconnected for a while, and enjoy some peace, away from the modern need of having to be always connected, always visible and never really free!