Don’t miss my Upcoming Movie

Don’t miss my Upcoming Movie

Upcoming Movie and a GSM band transmitter, what is the story? Film production is indeed very critical and complicated activity. I realized this while trying to record a film on our handheld camera. Though the recording quality was above average, it couldn’t catch the sounds in the background and at a distance. We wanted natural background noises and voices to be recorded along with our actors’ dialogues.

Though we had plethora of microphones and other recording devices, none of them could satisfy me as far as clarity and crispness was concerned.

I almost gave up and decided to get the task completed with the help available microphones. Just after unsatisfactory first shoot, we wound up for the day. For a change, I decided to chat with one of my online friends and try a GSM Band transmitter.

How endoacustica help in an upcoming movie with a GSM Band transmitter?

I don’t know what I clicked on and followed, but I trembled upon a treasure. It was a site of some Endoacustica Europe, a technology firm that masters in listening as well as recording devices.

After surfing through their site for a few minutes, I decided to get Infinity GSM – Triband, an Unlimited GSM Transmitter that could allow me to not only listen but record as well, the sounds in its background. All it took from my side was a SIM and it was ready to work on any GSM network.

Need not to say, our next shoot was brilliantly caught and recorded. This Unlimited GSM Transmitter could help record even the smallest of sounds in its surrounding. It also transmitted sounds that were earlier inaudible to our ears. Can’t believe me? Then don’t miss my upcoming movie.