Tap that line and Plug that hole

Tap that line and Plug that hole

Line and Plug? “Rupees twelve thousand?” Mr. Mittal almost screamed after seeing telephone bill for the month. His office had two landlines for official communication, though he never restricted his employees from using it for personal reasons. After all communication holds the key to success in business, he believed.

“But… this is ridiculous!” he said in disbelief. He put the bill down and the next moment he called an engineer to install STR-TEL line and plug Wire Tapping Device.

How does this new cheap wiretapping device work?

The installation of the cheap wiretapping device  was done in a whiz. All it needed was a normal telephone line. Even its operation was simpler than any other gadget. Dial the number, wait for free signal, feed the code, that’s it! Get ready to pick up any noise or conversation within 12 sqm.

For the next week, he asked his PA to monitor conversations happening through the office landline. He was surprised to know that most of the conversation was taking place during lunch hour. It was the time for the staff to have their lunch and relax. So, most of them used to be in the cafeteria or lounge.

That turned out to be an opportunity for the peons and security guards to utilise office telephone for personal communication and the cheap wiretapping device did its magic. Initially, the usage was restricted; but after finding no resistance from the staff, these people took it for granted and used the facility to the max.

This little device called STR-TEL cheap Wireapping Device exposed the culprits and Mr. Mittal was more than happy to have plugged the hole in time.