A flexible photo camera, to reach everywhere

A flexible photo camera, to reach everywhere

Flexible Photo Camera? The Russian designer Art Lebedev is famous for his extravagant but useful concepts, such as for example Transparentius, a large screen mounted on the back of a transport truck and connected to a camera placed on the front, which allows car drivers behind the truck to see what’s beyond the truck, minimizing the risk of accidents when overtaking.

What is a flexible photo camera?

Lebedev’s latest gadget is a concept called Fleximus, a flexible photo camera equipped with a tube that can be used either stand-alone or connected to a module sporting an LCD display.
At the current stage, Fleximus is merely a project, so no technical specifications of any kind have been made public, but on the ingenious designer’s website you can see the development steps.

Once a toy like this should enter mass production, it may not be just a gadget to surprise your friends, but a useful tool to take snapshots or to examine points which are normally hard to reach; for example, a mechanic might find it extremely useful to inspect corners of an engine under maintenance, and a plumber might use it to look into a leaking pipe.

In our specific field of surveillance, it might be a useful tool to gather evidence and take pictures without being noticed or arising suspicion: who could think that that strange tube is actually a camera?

Of course, since the flexible camera is still in the conceptual phase, and we do not know if it will ever be released, along with specifications the manufacturer has not released any information on retail price, but something tells me that it would not come cheap…