Take Up Thy Stethoscope…. and Listen, in secret

Take Up Thy Stethoscope…. and Listen, in secret

Stethoscope? How many times did we find ourselves wishing we could listen to what our colleagues in the next room are saying, to find out what they really think about us? Or that we could spy on our annoying neighbor to expose his strange (or even illegal) habits?

In many cases, having the chance to listen to what is said behind a wall can be useful not only to protect yourself in cases of office power struggle, or to make sure that your spouse is really faithful, but also to prevent or expose corporate espionage, or even to frame dangerous criminals.

How a spying stethoscope can help in listening secretly?

To do it securely, modern technology lends us a hand, thanks to wall microphones, the digitally enhanced version of our doctor’s stethoscope; in fact, in most cases, this kind of microphone is made up of a spying stethoscope, connected to a small but powerful amplifier which augments its sensitivity and allows the stethoscope, by analyzing the vibrations caused by human voice against any wall, to listen to what is being said in the next room.

For an even more accurate listening operation, you can use a window microphone, that is, a transmitting device which, when placed on the outer glass of a window, uses the same principle to read vibrations of glass and intercept conversations behind it, transmitting them towards a receiver placed up to a few hundred meters away.

As you can imagine, this particular kind of devices is more suitable for professional users, such as detective agencies or law enforcement, or in any case, for people who want to get the best out of their eavesdropping operation, while minimizing any possible risk connected with planting hidden bugs.

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