Pocket video recorder, professional footage at all times

Pocket video recorder, professional footage at all times

To take video footage of a professional type, you do not need to tote a heavy video camera, if you have the possibility of carrying with you a small pocket video recorder that you can use in all those situations when a hidden camera pr a pocket video recorder can provide a valuable help.

For open air videos, for a bicycle ride with your friends in summer or a ski ride down a hill in winter, for hidden leisurely footage such as candid camera videos, or professional for police or video surveillance operations, using a pocket video system like DVR 806 can be your best bet.

Although it is more or less as small as a cigarette pack, it can record up to 60 hours of video, with three different resolution levels, which is conveniently stored on its internal hard drive, with a 60 Gb capacity, and can later be comfortably downloaded and played back on a PC thanks to its USB cable.

How a pocket video recorder work?

It features three different recording modes: manual, timer-activated and with an automatic infrared activation sensor. By using this mode, the miniature video recorder will work while you are away, fo0r example to protect you against unwanted guests at home, or if you suspect that something wrong might be going on in the office during your absence.

By connecting it to the power mains, you will have at your disposal a real fixed surveillance camera, which you can use for unlimited recordings (compatibly with capacity of its hard disk and additional memory card). If you use its built-in lithium battery to power it, it will be your perfect companion for your excursions or your sport activities!