Glasses to see in the dark… more or less

Glasses to see in the dark… more or less

Smart tech glasses that can help people with night vision issues. TAG Heuer, famous all over the world for its chronographs, but also producing accessories such as, among other things, glasses and mobile phones, has just enlarged its collection of eyewear by adding the Squadra Night Vision model which, in its producers’ intentions and judging by the name, should allow its wearer to see in the dark.

Of course, reality is slightly different, these are certainly not a pair of miracle glasses which will give eyesight back to those with night vision issues; it is, anyway, a high quality product capable not only to reduce strain and fatigue on the eyes, but also to enhance contrast allowing its wearer to better make out shapes and obstacles in the dark and act promptly in case of danger.

How Smart Tech Glasses help to see in the dark?

These glasses feature a single lens which replaces the entire frame (of course, except the arms, which are made up of flexible material and padded with rubber to guarantee maximum flexibility). The lens, thanks to a special treatment, allows for clearer vision in low visibility conditions, for example during night driving.

Thanks to these characteristics, the TAG Heuer night vision smart tech glasses have been used by Team Audi drivers who won the Le Mans 24 Hours race this year. If you are no racecar drivers but need to have the maximum possible sharpness during the dark hours, these classes will surely help you, although they do not exactly come cheap, with a 450-dollar price tag attached.

Certainly, these glasses do not boast that they can make life better for those with serious eyesight issues, and in order to lead a normal life must resort to night vision glasses with completely different characteristics, suitable for the visually impaired.