A wall is not enough to stop you from listening

A wall is not enough to stop you from listening

Are Smart wall microphones something real? If law enforcement agents should not be able, due to the infamous gag bill being discussed in Italy, to use telephone wiretapping at its best to gather intelligence and evidence against dangerous criminals, they should resort to alternative methods. For example, during an operation that involves chasing the suspect, an undoubtedly vital tool is the so called smart wall microphones.

A classic situation that may happen during an investigation occurs when agents need to follow the suspect during its movements, and the guy, to remain unnoticed, takes a room in a hotel. In such situations, agents will have to try and take lodging in the next room, in order to start doing their job.

How Do Smart Wall Microphones Work?

To gather information in such cases, one can use a wall microphone, equipped with a stethoscope that resembles exactly the one that our doctor would use, but is connected to an amplifier. Just place the stethoscope against the wall to pick up the smallest vibrations caused by conversations taking place in the next room, without arising any suspicions in the people inside it.

For this task, there are several types of smart wall microphones available, ranging from those that look like a stethoscope to micro bugs that can be placed on the outside of a window, and can pick up voices inside the room by reading the vibrations in the glass, and transmitting the gathered intelligence to an agent hidden within a few hundred meters. This method involves a lower risk level, as detectives would not need to be too close to the suspects.

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