Directional microphones for remote covert listening

Directional microphones for remote covert listening

Directional microphones? As we said yesterday, possibilities to intercept a suspect’s conversations by law enforcement and detectives are countless, although sometimes one has to cope with a little bit of risk when it’s not possible to use telephone wiretapping and micro bugs.
If you do not have the opportunity to hide in the room next to your subject to pick up his conversations, technology still comes to the rescue, for example thanks to directional microphones.

What actually directional microphones are?

Directional microphones are microphones with high sensitivity features, and with an operating range which can cover a few tens of meters, up to almost a mile for laser type models. In the first case, one can hide in a car behind a fence to pick up, just to name one, conversations of a drug dealer hidden in a park with his clients.

In case the suspects you want to listen to are taking more precautions and hiding in an apparently safe place like an apartment or hotel room, and there is no safe way to come close, the best solution is a laser microphone. As the name goes, this model uses a laser beal, with an operating range of roughly a mile.

To use it, just point the laser beam at the right angle towards the window behind which your suspects are talking. The laser will now read vibrations in the glass, caused by human voices behind it, will translate them into voices and sounds and transmit them to the detectives, hidden at a safe distance, who can record them and use them as evidence.

There are several possibilities to use directional microphones; we invite you to visit the Endoacustica website to find out and contact our experts.