A video camera is hidden in the ear

A video camera is hidden in the ear

Hidden Spying Video Camera? Taking hidden video footage at any level, from a candid camera TV show up to high-profile police operations to gather evidence against criminals, always require maximum discretion to achieve the best result, be it a good laugh or vital intelligence to fight organized crime.

Therefore, to avoid raising suspicions, the presence of a hidden spying Video camera should be impossible to detect, or it should be hidden in a way that does not make others smell anything fishy. For example, who could possibly think that what looks like normal earphones used to listen to music are actually digital video cameras, and that the MP3 player connected to them is instead a video recorder?

How a spying video camera can be hidden in the ear?

This is possible thanks to ear cameras, that is, some miniature needle-type cameras which are concealed inside a perfectly working earphone. The camera is placed inside one of the earbuds, while the other one is used to conceal the microphone.

By using it, it will be possible to record video and audio tracks without causing concerns, using your ear as it were the camera eye. Images and footage picked up by your ear cam can be recorded directly on a pocket video recorder, or transmitted remotely thanks to a microscopic wireless transmitter, towards a receiving station where they will be viewed and recorded to be used as evidence before a court of law.

This kind of video systems are particularly useful for law enforcement agencies, in this particular moment when usage of eavesdropping technologies such as micro bugs is in danger of being severely limited by new legislations.

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