A motor boat, a submarine or…. a shark?

A motor boat, a submarine or…. a shark?

Submarine Surveillance? Underwater surveillance is generally performed with the most advanced and diverse technological tools, from remotely controlled micro submersibles to others driven by a human, with or without sonar, GPS receivers and so on. Instead, in the personal submersibles field, the latest novelty comes from InnerSpace, and it is called Sea breacher X.

How Submarine’s used for professional purposes?

It is a vehicle which, in fact, looks much more leisure-oriented than suitable for a professional use, but that could have its advantages in this field as well, to scare away any possible offender. In fact, Sea breacher’s shape closely reminds of that of a shark, including a transparent panel beneath the pilot’s feet resembling an open mouth, and if looks are not enough, it can even jump out of water!

Thanks to its 250-horsepower engine, in fact, this submarine, approximately 3.60 meter long, can reach a top speed of 80 km per hour on the water, and 40 while submerged. Its high underwater speed allows it to jump out of it, just like a predator of the seas. If a bad guy is silently creeping in on his boat and suddenly finds this sort of monster jumping out of water right before him, the deterrent effect would be 100% guaranteed!

As easy to maneuver as a jet ski, it is also equipped with the requisite technology pack, including a GPS locator, a video camera on the top fin and an on-board stereo, as well as the requisite leather seats which make it look more like a luxury toy than a vehicle for professional use, also because of the not exactly cheap price tag: its 10 exemplars, in fact, will be sold at 85000 dollars each.