A thermal camera to see discreetly at night

A thermal camera to see discreetly at night

When you find yourselves in absolute darkness, and at the same time in need of providing documentation of whatever happens around you, for example during a police operation, using a normal video system or an ordinary digital video camera, no matter how advanced and professional, might not provide the desired results.

How Does a Thermal Camera Work?

In situations of this kind, video thermal camera  surveillance technology can provide a solution thanks to a professional thermal cameras, which are capable of generating images with no need for additional lighting such as a flashlight or so, which would certainly not allow for a discreet recording.

On the contrary, as the name might suggest, these cameras can do their job by working on the thermal image of objects or people within their range, thus being able to deliver a clear image even in the darkest night and in less illuminated areas, such as for example on open seas, when in conditions of total darkness it may not be possible to notice a potential incoming threat.

On the contrary, thanks to the usage of a thermal camera, it is also possible to protect yourselves from this kind of threat, while attacking pirates would not be aware of the fact that they are being observed even while approaching with their lights off. And when they try to attack, they will be the ones to be actually caught by surprise!

Images recorded with a thermal video camera can easily be downloaded on your PC thanks to an USB cable, and they can prove very useful especially for police operations, to be used as evidence before a court of law. Their rugged design makes them suitable to be used I the middle of the action, on the outside or in harsh weather conditions.

thermal camera
Military grade thermal camera

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