Protection from wiretapping: for everyone, and for everyone’s needs

Protection from wiretapping is protecting one’s privacy. In the 21st century society, where knowledge and information are available to everyone and are just a simple click or a Google search away, it seems that there is nothing that can not become of public domain within hours or minutes after it is said or done.

So, when for personal or work reasons, you need certain information to remain as confidential as possible, you have to take adequate measures. For example, are we 100% sure that our home phone, or our office lines, are duly protected against any outside intrusion?

Nowadays, intercepting a telephone call, either from a landline or cellular phone, has become much easier, and more affordable for all, than anyone could have possibly imagined just a few decades ago, thanks to technologies that were once only available for secret agents or international spies.

We have to take necessary protection from wiretapping solutions needed. As our phone calls and conversations, even in areas normally considered safe, can be heard almost at any time, the best thing to do is certainly to adopt the proper countermeasures in order to achieve the right defense against eavesdropping.

If you have doubts that, someone may have planted bugging or recording devices in your office, for example because you learn that someone outside the circle of your staff and partners is aware of issues discussed in private meetings, or because a competitor constantly manages to beat your offers to customers with a lower price, modern technology comes to rescue you with a wide array of options.

How protection from wiretapping actually work?

Equipment for protection from wiretapping is now available almost anywhere on the Internet; these devices can work in several ways to ensure your privacy: for example, by using bug detectors, devices that emit radio waves over a wide frequency range, you can detect any bugs placed in your environment (and identify its location); you can also place a bug detection system directly on the telephone line. This detector, not only is capable to determine whether a listening device has been placed on your phone line cables, but it would also send a small low voltage spike over the cable, enough to defuse and disable listening bugs, and allow you to speak freely again.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is the presence of GSM bugs that can be used to listen to your conversations or private meetings in real time, using the cellular network to relay their content to a distant listener. To protect yourselves from this modern day wiretapping, use protection from wiretapping solutions for example, you can use a jammer, that is, a device that, again thanks to the emission of radio waves, is able to “confuse” the phones present within its range, making it impossible to access to the network, and subsequently to transmit any intelligence.

The jammer not only prevents any unauthorized listener from hearing what’s going on, but there are also models capable of preventing any digital audio recorder from working. Furthermore, using a jammer or scrambler is useful not only to prevent leaks, but also provides a regular and smooth flow of the meeting, without any interruptions due to unwanted or unexpected phone calls. In short, working time is optimized, while keeping everything private.

So if due to the increasing availability of secret listening technology, intercepting a phone call is now possible for almost everyone, the same can be said for the defense against such external attacks; one just needs to find the right way, according to their needs, to ensure that their private conversations, at home or in the office, remain private.

In any case, it is always advisable to rely on an expert when it comes to privacy defense; for example, at Endoacustica you can find answers to all your questions in this particular field.