A bug to listen through the glass of a window

A bug to listen through the glass of a window

When you need a listening bug to listening to what happens inside a room, but you do not have the possibility to gain direct access to this environment to listen with your own ears, you must work to find an alternative.

A Listening Bug That Is Uber Powerful

This also applies to the police or private detectives, when they need to gather evidence against dangerous criminals or for cases of industrial espionage; in such cases, they can use listening bugs to listen to conversations or telephone calls. Unfortunately, for security reasons it is not always possible to plant those bugs in the room to be monitored.

The audio surveillance technology, however, still gives us the right tools to be able to eavesdrop even indoors or in not accessible places, for example by using a stethoscope bug.

As the name suggests, a bug of this kind works in a way that is very similar to our doctor’s stethoscope: by placing it, for example, on a window, its sensor will be able to read the movements and vibrations of the glass itself, caused by noise and voices coming from the opposite side of the glass, inside the room.

These vibrations are then transmitted via radio to a receiver stationed at a safe distance. The receiver, through a decoder, converts the pulses received by the bug into sounds and voices, enabling you to safely listen to what happens inside, and gather any information that can be important for the investigation, while sitting at a safe distance.

On the market, there are several other types of room bugs to suit any purpose and application in the surveillance field. To see them all, and to find the one with the features that best suit your needs, you can visit Endoacustica, a leader since years in this particular industry.