A watch to spy on those around you

A watch to spy on those around you

A spy watch is the order of the day. Often the best way to hide something is to keep it right in front of others, or if it is a very small object, to hide it in a visible place, where nobody could ever think about looking for it, because it would be too obvious.

How Does The Spy Watch Work?

This principle is applied very often when we talk about surveillance, with bugs and transmitters hidden in everyday objects where no one would look for a hidden microphone.

For example, this is the case with the GSM spy Watch, a watch, as the name suggests, that can also function as a phone, thanks to the housing inside which can hold an ordinary SIM card. The GSM Watch is connected via Bluetooth to a few other miniaturized devices, such as a micro earpiece to be placed inside the ear canal and a necklace, with a pendant that contains a tiny microphone.

These three items together form an awesome system for remote listening that allows the wearer to pick up, through the microphone on the necklace, all sounds and voices around them, and to transmit them remotely, to a preset phone number, thanks to the SIM card contained inside the watch.

Those who are on the other side of the phone can then listen to what is happening without anyone noticing, and in an equally discreet way, send instructions and operational information to the wearer of the earpiece. With this full system, you can gather information in real time, send them to the outside world where they will be analyzed and from where one can determine the best course of action to be followed in situations such as a confidential meeting, a difficult negotiation a police investigation.

For more information on the possible applications of GSM Watch, you can visit the Endoacustica website where you will find an array of articles for discreet intelligence and information gathering.