Laser microphone for remote listening

Laser microphone for remote listening

As we have seen in a recent article, law enforcement officers working on investigation activities do not always have the chance to come close to their suspects to gather information, install miniature cameras or bugs to eavesdrop on conversations and so forth, to avoid putting their own safety at risk, or jeopardizing the whole operation.

How Does a  Laser Microphone Work?

To avoid taking unnecessary risks, but still be able to intercept conversations that take place in a closed room, there are alternatives provided by modern surveillance technology, for example such as laser microphones.

A laser microphone, as the name suggests, uses an invisible laser beam that is pointed at a window glass, up to a maximum distance of more than a mile. This beam is able to “read” the vibrations of the glass itself, vibrations caused by sounds and voices coming from the room and behind the window.

The laser beam reflected on the glass, is subsequently picked up by a receiver located at the right angle to meet the reflection. The receiver, combined with a decoding system, is able to convert the laser pulses, as influenced by the vibrations on the glass, into sounds and voices, with great clarity of sound, so that you can listen to them in absolute security, and determine what happens behind that window.

The use of this technology by law enforcement has proved most useful in investigations on organized crime, and operators gave a positive feedback on it, mainly because it makes operating conditions much safer.
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