No annoying cell phones, thanks to a handkerchief

No annoying cell phones, thanks to a handkerchief

For once, since it’s Friday and the weekend is coming, we want to allow us a little “light” diversion, talking about an item which, more than having a true utility function, has a “diplomatic” one, so to speak.

How Can a Handkerchief Be a Frequency Jammer?

It is called Phone Kerchief, and it basically is, yes, a handkerchief that you can use to cover your phone. Thanks to the particular material of which it is made up of, the tissue is able to block the phone signal, preventing it from working and allowing its user to devote full attention to their counterparts or to an important meeting.

As a further sign of courtesy, the Phone Kerchief also has a small embroidery that reads “My phone is off for you“, which the wearer can use to communicate to the person in front of them that their conversation is more important than any incoming phone call.

Of course, the first thing that might come to anyone’s mind ask is that maybe, instead of spending $60 for a handkerchief frequency Jammer in shielding material, it may be wiser to save a few bucks and turn off the phone with a simple gesture, but you know, marketing’s ways are not always so rational…

If you need to block all mobile traffic within a certain environment, such as a conference room during a meeting or a private negotiation, then it is surely wiser to use a much more advanced, although less “diplomatic”, technological support such as a signal jammer, which can block incoming calls as well as outgoing; a frequency jammer is certainly much safer and more effective than the use of a simple handkerchief, and it also prevents prying ears from hearing the contents of your conversations.

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