It looks like a phone outlet, but its a spying bug!

It looks like a phone outlet, but its a spying bug!

Small spying bug for the win. As we have seen in dozens of spy movies, when a secret agent or a police officer wants to intercept phone calls of a suspect or an enemy spy, one of the most common tricks is to pose as a telephone company worker, or an electrician, and sneak into their target’s apartment or lobby for a supposed “repair” that only serves the purpose of planting a spying bug or a hidden microphone.

Spying Bugs Are The Future and the Past

Nowadays, if on hand, for mobile phone interception it is not always necessary to be physically near the phone itself, but all it takes is the right equipment to pick up the conversation through the airwaves, for interception on landlines, you still need to resort to tricks like the ones seen in movies to plant a transmitter on the telephone line wires or inside the home handset.

In this sense, the use of a telephone bugging device concealed, for example, on the phone jack, allows you to listen to conversations taking place on all phones that use that line, and through its small UHF transmitter hidden inside the outlet, to transmit the intelligence via radio to a listener stationed at a safe distance and with a suitable receiver.

The UHF transmitter, among other things, is powered directly from the small electricity flow running through the phone line, so there is no need to change batteries or worry that they may run out.

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