Discovering and fighting usury with the use of bugs

Discovering and fighting usury with the use of bugs

Usury detection can save you from economic loss. Reading the newspapers in these last months, on a first sight you can easily understand what is going on all over the world: the economic crisis is having devastating consequences on society, of which it is slowly eroding the fabric, making those who have problems performing extreme measures, such as criminal actions or suicide.

Usury Detection With The Use of Bugs

The economic crisis in Europe has affected several nations, but Greece, Ireland and Italy the most, and an alarming increase in suicide rates among entrepreneurs and small-business owners is leading some European newspapers to call the trend “suicide by economic crisis”.

Furthermore, reading the newspapers and watching the television you can also understand how the crisis is leading people to commit different crimes: burglary, drug pushing and usury.

Yesterday in Italy, for example, five people were arrested for having lent money at usury rate to several Tuscan entrepreneurs, threatened and intimidated with actions which are typical of the mafia behaviour.

To get rid of from the clutches of usury is not simple. You may fear retaliation in case of complaint against the loan shark, the same retaliation you would probably have in case of nonpayment.

Nevertheless, who is victim of usury should find the strength to face the problem for his own good and for his loved ones and invest time in usury detection.

It goes without saying that cooperation with the police force is vital, but to catch the usurer red-handed you can rely on several technological devices, such as bugs and micro digital voice recorders. Thanks to their small size, they can easily be hidden in any medium, allowing the person who brings them with herself to have her conversations listened and recorded. In this way, the police can intervene at the right time and arrest the criminal.

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