Your routes in a few clicks, with the GPS tracker

Your routes in a few clicks, with the GPS tracker

The tracker is a small and efficient portable GPS locator that allows you to chart your course anywhere on the Earth.

Route Mapping With GPS Tracker

This GPS tracker can be easily concealed due to its small size, to a removable magnetic support and to a belt clip, which allow you to hide it discreetly in any medium whether you are in the sea, on the street or on a plane.
Simple to use, this particular GPS tracker can work for over a month with the power of only two AAA batteries, allowing you to record your routes for weeks. Furthermore, it has a 4MB flash  USB memory that, connected to a PC and through the use of a mapping software like Google Earth, can easily show your routes, with no additional costs.

Do you like cycling or jogging? With the new GPS tracker you will be able to control your sport performances, checking how far you ran.

You may also feel the need to monitor a person who is supposed to be in danger. Nothing could be easier with the GPS tracker! All you need is to get that person to bring with herself the GPS locator. In this way you will obtain the map of her course.

Does your son have a strange behaviour and do you fear for his safety? From today on, you can also rely on a GSM bug with a GPS tracker.

If your need is not only to track and record a route but also to know what is happening in a particular circumstance, you could obtain a GPS tracker embedded in a GSM bug.

Easily controlled from anywhere in the world, the GSM bug allows those who control it to catch conversations and background noise with excellent sound quality, thanks to a highly sensitive microphone.

Hidden in a backpack or a piece of clothing, the GSM bug allows you not only to know where your son is but also to find out what is happening around him. All you have to do is making a call from any phone to the number of your bug.