A phone that immobilizes the attacker, a new frontier in self-defense?

A phone that immobilizes the attacker, a new frontier in self-defense?

Have you ever experienced, walking alone in a dark place or in a park, the anxiety that someone might hurt you? And have you ever thought of using blunt objects in your bag for any purpose of self defense?

An Immobilizer Phone That Immobilizes People

You are probably thinking about the keys, something that you surely always carry with yourself and always like to hold in between the fingers thinking you could hurt someone with them . But you never thought about a cell phone or, better, to something that looks like a phone but that actually is a real weapon, an object to immobilize any attacker, without them thinking you are on the offensive.

The attacker will think you’re unarmed, but you can be sure of having the best stun gun at your side while walking back from work, the gym or while playing sports outdoors or taking the dog for a walk.

Immobilizer Phone Stun Gun, this is its name, is really like a mobile phone and, looking at its design, nobody would realize that it is something other than a phone. This device, operating with a compact lithium-ion battery, also has, of course, a safety switch so that you do not use this weapon against yourselves.

Looking like a normal phone, however, analyzing it more closely, it is easy to see what it actually is. It should be remembered, moreover, that you are not allowed to bring it in certain locations. That is why, perhaps, instead of this tool, in dangerous situation you can rely on an anti-robbery and personal safety alarm which, with its particularly acute sound, is able to put on the run not only aggressors, but also rabid dogs or other dangerous animals.

If you also fear that the safety lock of the immobilizer phone-gun could not work properly and that this so powerful weapon could hurt you, then it would be better to buy a self defense indelible spray which, unlike the common pepper sprays, not only dims the attacker’s view, but indelibly stain his face for three days allowing, in this way, an easier identification.