Coming soon the super smartphone batteries that will last 3 months

Coming soon the super smartphone batteries that will last 3 months

After the powerful GPS systems that have improved the use of our smart phones, a dream could became reality. Not days, not weeks, but even months could be the battery life of our phone. Fantasy? No, it’s the product of a made in Italy project that, thanks to the nanotecnology exploitations, belives possible make high super smartphone batteries that can be used not only on phones, but also on other products and devices like as tablets, laptops, appliances and even electric cars.

Super Smartphone Batteries That Can Last Longer

The work on these super smartphone batteries, born from the collaboration between the nanotecnologies district, Veneto Nanotech, the Japanese Nagano Techno Foundation and the Japanese Shinshu University, will have public and private donations that will supports the development of “smart batteries”. The goal is make batteries able to despense the energy in a smart way, in order to drastically reduce the consumptions.

How is it possible to have super smartphone batteries? Using the “coating”tecnique, that is a nanostructured covering that maximizes the life and the capacity of energy efficiency of batteries. The energy, infact, is crammed in some “stores” that are used one after the other, in sequence, so as to have many small batteries ready and efficient.

It’s difficult anticipate when these type of systems will be ready for the business: research and development of a technology has no precise timing. It’s hoped that as soon as possible could we forget at home the charger and make full use of our smartphones more and more advanced.

So it will become more difficult to move away from our beloved smartphone which, however, has also become a real tool for detective or just curious. Infact, there are softwares able to control from a distance the movements of another telephone. These systems are used a lot for various kinds of interceptions and allow you to be notified of calls, messages and even environmental events. An easy and real time control system without excessive costs as is demostrated by one of the leader industries, Endoacustica.