Technologies for surveillance

Technologies for surveillance

Mini drones, missiles ultrafast that cross the planet in few minutes, small aerial video surveillance helicopter, sophisticated spy audio devices are some examples of the latest spy technology. These are the most modern technologies in the service of intelligence.
To spy are used special spy phones, computers remotely monitored and everyday objects cleverly changed. Unlimited source for intelligence is doubtless internet and in particular social networks.

Spy Technology On The Rise

A kind of self monitoring through the post that, along with the IP addresses, allow you to precisely locate a person. On the other hand, today isn’t only the PC the domestic object that can connect to the Internet, but also a wide range of devices from television to GPS car.

According to Oleg Glazunov, expert of the military politocologists association, the object most suitable to control a person is the spy cell phone. In fact, the device can be easily modified and thus allow not only to listen the conversations inbound and outbound, but also to read the sms.
Through a valid GPS monitoring app is easy to know at any time where is the cell and consequently its owner. Also, if you aren’t in possession of a mobile phone, but near there is a phone apparently unused, you can however be listened.

All of these advanced tools are putting a strain on the work of spies. In fact, often the tools to be used don’t need of experts, but they work in a very simple and are accessible by anyone

For example, a few years ago on television we have seen the use of drones during military operations in the Middle East. These are “robots” and other spy technology, now regularly enrolled by the armed forces of many countries. These are even able to fly and perform surveillance missions in the no-fly zone to intercept aircraft not authorized, on the sea to look for passengers of a boat in trouble or among the most inaccessible mountains in search of missing.

Some drones are controlled at km away, others can be programmed and then work in complete autonomy for hours and hours. Naturally, the same can also be used as bombers or kamikaze.
The American army has recently confirmed that it has used a particular flying drone in Afghanistan, which, equipped with a load of explosives, can be programmed to launch against a target and than explode.